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Librarybase is a project to develop structured bibliographic data around the citations that appear on Wikipedia.

To learn more, see Librarybase:About


November 30, 2015: SPARQL Endpoint

We now have a functioning SPARQL endpoint available here !

November 15, 2015: It begins?

It looks like we are beginning to see some activity on here. Thank you User:Tarrow for being our brave test subject!

September 14, 2015: Hello readers of the Wikidata newsletter!

Welcome to this humble wiki. So far just a demonstration, our first step will be to generate a citation database based on digital object identifiers that appear on English Wikipedia. Aaron Halfaker is generating that list; based on that list, it will be modeled to work with Librarybase.

Outreach on Wikidata will begin in due time. I would like to do some more experimentation before proposing any integration. Harej (talk) 16:44, 14 September 2015 (UTC)